Friday, April 15, 2011

sedikit waktu sahaja lagi

ok, again, hampir genap setahun pemergian..

sikit je lagi, genap setahun, n i'll try to get some new life...

yes, it's hard to accept the lost..

suffering my self all over the year, yes.

crying all the time, almost done.

tried to commit suicide, failed.

run away from the facts n truth, they chased me all the time.

tried to find somebody else, I got no idea what to do, the ball n courage to face the failures.

luckily, i got friends, lovely family, God and faith to support me along this journey.


  1. fellas, thanx 4 the support... bloggers never hide (^_^)

  2. dun wory, one fine day, the clouds will leave u to give way for the sun to shine ur day.. ^__^


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